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What are the downloading limits?

  • Maximum number of simultaneous connections - 5.
  • Temporary download link is alive for approximately 4 days.
  • Torrent download links are available at all times.

Common download errors

«Error connection [1], Errorcode=10061,» etc

Due to high server usage the download might be temporarily unavailable. Use your download manager's retry feature and set all timeouts to 600 seconds.

«302 Moved Temporarily»

Just keep downloading. This is a normal internal server redirect procedure.

Error 410 or HTTP 410 - gone

The link is outdated, update it and continue downloading.

«CRgHttpSession::RequestFile()», timeouts, slow downloading, etc

This is a problem with foreign IPs. Here's what you should do:

  1. Look at the picture. If the server is uploading at least a megabyte per second then everything server-side works fine. If the pic is unavailable or the upload speed is below 100 kb then the server is down.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Try downloading at a different time of day.

Downloading a game

HTTP downoad using a download manager

Downloading torrents using µTorrent

The main advantage of this method is being able to achieve higher downloading speeds than via using HTTP-protocol.

Attention! Despite being quite advantageous to downloading speeds, torrents will not be available to you for every game. Only disk images and files larger than 150 mb can be downloaded using torrents.


Download and install the torrent client µTorrent.


  • On the game's profile page click Download game.
  • Read the file descriptions on the page, find the disk image and click the Download! link.
  • Enter the text that appears on the picture.
  • Right-click torrent link and copy the link to the buffer (Pic. Download using torrents. 1.)
  • Open µTorrent and paste the link (Pic. Download using torrents. 2., Download using torrents. 3.)
  • µTorrent fetches the torrent file and offers you to choose the files to download (just click OK). (Pic. Download using torrents. 4.)
  • Wait for the download to finish (Pic. Download using torrents. 5.)
Download using torrents. 1.
Download using torrents. 2.
Download using torrents. 3.
Download using torrents. 4.
Download using torrents. 5.

What do I do if the game is not downloading?

Check the following:

Are you able to download anything else?

If the answer is yes, then the file is missing from the site. Ask a forum administrator for help.

Do you use a download manager?

Downloading using Internet Explorer is a bad idea — this could result in getting corrupted files. Use FlashGet, ReGet or any other download manager.

Are you downloading from the right site?

Check if you are really downloading from old-games.ru. There's a plagiarising site on the Web without the hyphen.

If nothing helps...

Then the time has come to ask for help on the forums. Get the following information ready:

  • The name of the game you are trying to download (provide the link to the game's profile page - http://www.old-games.ru/game/232.html)
  • Your OS and browser (Windows XP, MSIE8)
  • Your download manager (FlashGet 1.0)
  • The error code encountered (404 File Not Found)
  • Your IP (111.222.333.* — can be omitted if you are paranoid) and the group your IP belongs to (Russian-Foreign). Warning, find your external IP address! If you are under LAN and your IP looks like 10.*.*.* or 192.168.*.* — that is an internal IP, you can find your external IP here.
  • If applicable, provide the log of your download from the download manager under the [code] tag.

Post here with your question and we will try to help.