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About Haiti

Тема в разделе "International Zone", создана пользователем BladeLord, 18 янв 2010.

  1. BladeLord


    30 мар 2008
    Did u hear about that? There has been a major earthquake in Haiti a few days ago. As it seems to the moment, 200.000 people are dead and UN believes that there might be about 300.000 more lying down the rubbish, increasing the overall number to a terrific 500.000 body count.

    Here u can see some more info regarding the topic.

    ZorNcoR нравится это.
  3. ZorNcoR


    6 мар 2007
    You know, that's a real horror for survivors, but it is even worst thing for rescue teams - when you definitely know that there still ARE living people down there, and you will save only few of them because the havoc is so massive.

    One of my fellow officers who served in late late nineties on Soviet-Iranian border, participated in rescue operation after the infamous Armenian earthquake in 1988. After this, he was so emotionally exhausted and even broken, that even now, in over 20 years after that, he mentions this part of his life with trembling. That's even worse than war.
    Последнее редактирование: 18 янв 2010
  4. Virgil Администратор



    2 янв 2005
    I think it's just an unfortunate contingency, why this all happened: the epicenter of the quake was located just 25 km away from the capital (in fact it struck another, smaller town even worse), Haiti is a very poor country, most of their infrastructure is not seismically resistant, though there were other strong quakes in the past; and finally government showed what they had little control over the situation once disaster occured, if not foreign aid things could've got much, much worse. I think we could compare this event with San-Francisco earthquake and fires of 1906.
  5. Dave93


    26 авг 2008
    This all about people's sin, the nature is making everything how it wants. People are very bad to nature and animals, that's all for their sin's! It's my opinion.
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